CE Valves

The efficient ring valve for heavy gases

  • High reliability
  • Special spring protection
  • High efficiency and long service life

The HOERBIGER CE valve is optimally suited for applications in the chemical and process industries, in refineries, and in the energy sector. The operation in heavy gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or propylene is also optimized in the best possible manner. The valve offers reliability and efficiency even under difficult conditions.

In designing the individual components, special emphasis was placed on the resistance to particles, catalyst fines and entrained polymers. The flow-optimized geometries of the ports, ring and seat prevent deposits. This largely precludes leaks or even premature wear. HOERBIGER manufactures the valve rings from light-weight, impact-resistant and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic material. Large-dimensioned and dynamically optimized springs are protected from wear by a “spring saver”. In addition, a dirt-repelling coating can be provided when higher gas impurities are anticipated.

HOERBIGER CE valves operate in compressors at speeds of up to 1,200 rpm and operating temperatures of up to 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit) at a maximum pressure of 200 bar. The maximum differential pressure is 100 bar. The size covers diameters between 48 and 314 millimeters (1.9 and 12.3 inches).

Technical Data

CE Valve from to
Maximum Pressure 200 bar
Differential Pressure <100 bar
Temperature Range -20°C +210°C
Rotational Speed 1200 rpm


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