HDS Valves

The classical plate type valve in standard design for process gas applications

  • Proven Design
  • Meets reliability expectations in high pressure applications
  • Durable due to double damping design
  • Available with steel or non-metallic valve plate

The valve is the heart of the compressor directly affecting the compressor performance and operation.

The HDS valve is a double-damped plate type valve addressing high pressure standard applications and thus the ideal solution for cost-conscious customers looking for genuine HOERBIGER products at the best available price.

The HDS valve is available with either steel valve plate or non-metallic valve plate for lubricated and non-lubricated service. The HOERBIGER Direct Class for the first time provides the option to order HOERBIGER quality quickly, easily and directly — worldwide, around the clock, and at a remarkable price-performance ratio. HOERBIGER Lite is fast, simple, and always on the cutting edge.

The proven design of this valve type is refined to provide good efficiency at low lifts . The HDS valve offers worldwide proven reliability and durability in numerous process gas applications since 1972.

The HDS valve is a price-competitive plate type valve with HOERBIGER quality and performance. Proven HOERBIGER quality in high precision manufacturing and 100% testing ensures stringent sealing requirements and trouble free compressor operation.

Technical Data

Property: Value:
Compressor speed 1200 rpm maximum
Capacity control On/Off
Lubrication lubricated, non-lubricated
Maximum pressure 300 bar
Temperature range –160° to +300°C
Valve type diameter 92-254 mm



The HOERBIGER Direct Class
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