RN Valves

Best price-to-performance ratio

  • in air applications
  • field proven design
  • high grade of standardization - minimum maintenance
  • high grade materials: all components made of stainless steel

The valve is the heart of the compressor directly affecting the compressor performance and operation.

The RN Valve is a steel plate type valve addressing air & industrial applications within clear defined operating conditions and thus the the ideal solution for cost-conscious customers looking for genuine HOERBIGER products at the best available price. Whether the compressor is ubricated or non-lubricated, the RN valve with its simple design, is a price-competitive plate type valve with HOERBIGER quality and performance.

The HOERBIGER Direct Class for the first time provides the option to order HOERBIGER quality quickly, easily and directly — worldwide, around the clock, and at a remarkable price-performance ratio. HOERBIGER Lite is fast, simple, and always on the cutting edge.

The high degree of standardization reduces maintenance and storage costs. The RN valve uses standardized components taken from a range of valves which have been tried and tested over many years.

With its steel plate, the valve is robust and optimally suited to high speeds, temperatures and wide pressure ranges. Proven HOERBIGER quality in high precision manufacturing and 100% testing ensures stringent sealing requirements and trouble free compressor operation.

Technical Data

RN Valve from to
Compressor speed 2,000 rpm
Capacity control On/Off
Lubrication lubricated, non-lubricated
Maximum Pressure 30 (for respiratory air: 415) bar
Temperature Range -40°C (-40ºF) +300°C (572ºF)
Valve type diameter 19-214 mm



The HOERBIGER Direct Class
Your easy way.

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