Relief Valves for Intake and Exhaust Systems

Flameless venting

Reliable explosion protection without plant downtime

  • Reliable flameless pressure relief
  • No direct shut-down of the system
  • Maintenance-free and operational for many years

HOERBIGER has been setting standards in safety technology for decades. This benefits the manufacturers and operators of industrial gas and dual-fuel engines.

Dangerous explosions are possible at any time in intake and exhaust pipes of industrial gas-powered and dual-fuel engines as well as downstream piping systems. Our EVT and EVM relief valves provide maximum protection for the operators, the engine and the equipment components.

Technical data

Diameter -
EVT 98 to 266 mm (3.8 to 10.4 inches)
EVM 320 to 735 mm (12.6 to 28.9 inches)
Geometric venting cross-section -
EVT 59.4 to 499 cm2 (9.2 to 77.3 sq in)
EVM 732 to 3905 cm2 (113.4 to 605.2 sq in)