2015-11-16 - MEDICA: HOERBIGER operating table actuators

Almost like levitating – compact and secure operating table actuators made by HOERBIGER

The HOERBIGER electrohydraulic lift columns CTL, CCL and CHL designed for various patient weights are compact and move operating tables quietly and with maximum power. The benefits of this system family for surgical teams, patients, and operating table manufacturers form the focus at the MEDICA in Hall 14, Booth D 20, the International Trade Fair for Medical Technology held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Maximum freedom of movement for surgeons

One of the central challenges when designing operating tables is that of constructing the table so that it provides maximum accessibility. Ideally, the patient would be levitating freely during surgery.

The compact design of the CTL, CCL and CHL systems allows lift columns made by HOERBIGER to almost turn this ideal into reality.

The HOERBIGER systems carry out all the necessary movements of an operating table quietly, powerfully and with precision.

"The low space requirement as a result of the compact combination of powerful hydraulics with versatile electronics offers crucial advantages both to surgical teams and manufacturers of operating tables. As many as 50,000 reliably functioning operating tables equipped with HOERBIGER actuators are proof of this. Our lift columns from the customized series are true turnkey systems," Thomas Ulbrich explained, Head of Marketing of the Compact Motion Technology Business Segment at HOERBIGER Hydraulic Systems.

A suitable solution for any patient weight

The HOERBIGER lift columns enable design engineers and manufacturers of operating tables to offer powerful complete patient positioning solutions that allow versatile movements.

Worldwide, there are vast differences between maximum patient weights that must be considered when it comes to dimensioning operating tables. While tables must be designed for weights up to 450 kg in the USA, the required maximum figures in China and the rest of Asia as well as South America is 180 kg at most. HOERBIGER therefore now offers specific lift columns for the respective markets.

Three lift column models

The CTL (Column Trend Line) lift column is designed for a patient weight of up to 300 kg (centric) and for an installation height of 496 mm with a stroke height of 350 mm. The compact yet powerful lift column allows trend adjustments of ± 30 degrees and tilt adjustments of ± 20 degrees. The new model is consistent with the degrees of movement of current operating methods, in which clinic staff pays particular attention to low height.

In keeping with all HOERBIGER lift columns, the CTL lift column is designed for a service life of 10,000 cycles. It also sets itself apart by low maintenance requirements, high energy efficiency and – compared to all-electric drive systems – fast and exact positioning under load.

In addition to the CTL, the HOERBIGER product portfolio includes the CHL (Column High Line) heavy-duty lift column and the CCL (Column Comfort Line) column for medium patient weights.

The columns are produced and distributed in cooperation with the HOERBIGER locations in Barbing, Germany, and Wuxi, China. With the CTL column, the company continues to expand its position as a market leader for electrohydraulic lift columns for operating tables.

Picture: The CTL lift column made by HOERBIGER is designed for a patient weight of up to 180 kg (centric: 300 kg) and for an installation height of 496 mm with a stroke height of 350 mm. We set standards.