2015-11-16 - MEDICA: Piezo Technology by HOERBIGER

Reliable control with HOERBIGER piezo proportional valves

Silent, precise and with no heat generation as a result of extremely low power consumption – these are the operating features of the piezo-controlled HOERBIGER 3-way proportional pressure regulating valves from the tecno product line. The application diversity of HOERBIGER tecno valves forms the focus at the MEDICA in Hall 14, Booth D 20, the International Trade Fair for Medical Technology held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Reliability and precision are a must in medical technology. Whether they are used for sleep apnea treatment, pain treatment, ventilation technology, surgery or physical therapy: HOERBIGER 3-way proportional pressure regulating valves from the tecno product line are the performance-defining component wherever metering of ventilation air, gases and liquid is needed or compressed air for pneumatic pressure regulation of technical equipment requires precise and highly dynamic control. The valves offer reliable regulation with high control stability, yet their power consumption is every low.

The proportional pressure regulating valve controls pneumatic output pressure as a function of an electrical control signal. An internal pressure sensor and the electronics ensure that the output pressure is regulated with high precision, allowing the pressure to be set as a function of the process by way of system control.

Renowned medical technology manufacturers rely on HOERBIGER piezo valve technology when it comes to fluidic control processes. Day after day, this technology ensures that intensive care patients and premature babies are safely ventilated, blood pressure measurement is exact but non-invasive, and operating systems function reliably.

Figure 1: tecno – the high-precision, piezo-controlled 3-day proportional pressure regulating valve with electronic pressure control offers maximum dynamics at minimal power consumption.

The HOERBIGER product portfolio

The tecno easy, tecno basic, tecno plus, and tecno plus vacuum variants can be used in different power ranges and set to customized pressure control ranges. All models stand out with their extremely low power consumption and high pressure control stability. The tecno plus 3-way proportional valve is the most powerful variant of HOERBIGER's piezo-controlled proportional valves. With its pressure control range of up to 10 bar and flow capacity of as much as 1,600 l/min, it is setting a new standard in medical technology applications.