2015-11-04 - HOERBIGER at SCHÜTTGUT Dortmund

HOERBIGER Explosion Protection is
Flameless and almost Maintenance-Free

HOERBIGER relief valves are substantial and integral parts of constructional explosion protection in the processing of bulk materials and industrial dust products. As a result of their robust design, these safety-defining components ensure the ability to reuse the relief valves, even after an explosion has occurred. The products made by HOERBIGER no longer necessitate of immediate equipment stoppage and secondary explosions are eliminated. The benefits of the relief valves for customers will be the focus at the HOERBIGER trade show booth: Westfalenhalle Dortmund Hall 5, Booth L08.

Consequences of dust explosions can be devastating: lost production, damage to equipment, systems and buildings, or even personal injury. As a result, comprehensive explosion protection, such as in the animal feed, food and chemicals industries, has become an indispensable part in the planning of equipment operators.

Maximum reliability - the EVN 2.0 relief valve

EVN 2.0 represents the latest generation of HOERBIGER relief valves and combines a variety of technical innovations. It offers maximum reliability in flameless explosion venting and combines the latest standard according to EN 16009 with the proven benefits of vacuum-proof. In addition, this relief valve allows flexible system planning as well as installation without vent ducts to the outside. The opening detection comes as a standard with this series made by HOERBIGER. The EVN 2.0 valve is available in different materials, ranging from standard carbon steel to stainless steel variants for the food industry. This material selection, which is tailored to the customers’ requirements, combined with a variety of O-ring materials allows the relief valve to be used in a wide range of applications.

Robust design and reusability - the EV relief valve

The HOERBIGER EV valve is the cost-effective alternative for outdoor explosion venting. Designed as a recloseable valve, the EV valve additionally offers decreased flame propagation ranges rupture panels. The robust design, combined with the ability to reuse the valve, offers a key advantage over conventional relief devices. The EV valve is certified and stands out with safety tested according to EN 14797.

Continued operation possible without interruption

The HOERBIGER relief valve opens quickly and vents the developing excess pressure without darting flames, preventing damage to the protected equipment. After an explosion, the valve seals tightly again, preventing secondary explosions. The compact HOERBIGER valves are tested in accordance with the ATEX Directive. Because of the low-mass valve plates, they respond within fractions of a second in the event of an explosion.