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Efficiency Increases

Fuel consumption optimization of existing compressor systems

  • Analysis and optimization to the production environment
  • Up to 10 percent energy savings through efficient valves
  • Up to 60 percent energy savings through optimal control

Reciprocating compressors can make an important contribution to the energy efficiency of a plant. HOERBIGER works with equipment manufacturers and operators to operate reciprocating compressors as efficiently as possible. As an independent service partner, the experiences gained allow HOERBIGER to offer comprehensive concepts for optimizing the efficiency and energy consumption of the entire machinery including compressors and drive systems.

In the majority of cases, a thorough analysis of current operating data identifies considerable savings potential for each machine and the entire plant. In some instances, optimization of the components to the respective requirements and the compressor's operating mode leads to savings of double-digit percentage points. This applies to refineries and plants in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as to the compression of natural gas, the food industry, or the beverage industry for the production of PET bottles.

HOERBIGER's efficient valves can achieve noteworthy energy savings in the full load range: the conversion of a reciprocating compressor to CP valves with profiled plates yields savings of up to 10 percent. When a compressor is frequently operated at partial load, the HOERBIGER HydroCOM control system is unbeatable when it comes to energy savings. It lowers a compressor's energy requirement to the exact gas volume needed, saving 20 to 60 percent of compressor output.