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Optimizing performance and reliability

  • Customized optimization
  • Increased service life, efficiency and reliability
  • Improved environmental compatibility

The reliability of compressors plays a decisive role in the cost effectiveness of the equipment in which they are used. As a specialist for equipping reciprocating compressors with state-of-the-art, performance-defining components, HOERBIGER also performs upgrades of older compressors.

HOERBIGER's upgrade program is suitable for all reciprocating compressors. HOERBIGER customizes the service offering to optimally address the varying requirements that exist in the different sectors in which reciprocating compressors are used. This equally benefits customers in oil and gas production, in the process gas industry, the food industry, as well as in the beverage industry for the production of PET bottles.

The range of services offered by HOERBIGER for reciprocating compressors includes both major overhauls, aimed at extending service life and increasing reliability, and partial overhauls in conjunction with the replacement of individual components, aimed at efficiency improvements.

By retrofitting with HOERBIGER CX or CM valves, considerably longer operating times can be achieved because of the robust non-metallic material. Packings featuring the newly developed BCD rings made of HOERBIGER HY materials provide, in many instances, considerably more reliable and more environmentally compatible operation.

Installing the online monitoring and protection system RecipCOM, which is tailored to the specific needs of reciprocating compressors, can prevent damage through preventive maintenance and an emergency cut-off function.

HOERBIGER valves and components are being used in more than 50,000 reciprocating compressors around the world. Based on its long-standing experience, manufacturer-independent knowledge and services that employ patented product innovations, HOERBIGER can achieve significant cost savings for the customer – including optimization of the entire compressor. Integral know-how of reciprocating compressors, tailor-made engineering tools, and the ability to design all components of the reciprocating compressor while keeping service life, efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility in mind, lead to effectively measurable benefits for the customer.