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Reconditioning and Repair

Reciprocating Compressors reconditioning and repair

  • Reconditioning and repairs of compressors, regardless of manufacturer
  • Compliance with all requirements of the operator and manufacturer as well as internal HOERBIGER standards, including certificate of quality after completion
  • Guaranteed function and performance with minimized machine downtimes

Because they are oscillating equipment, reciprocating compressors are subject to special demands in terms of service, repair and maintenance. The basic prerequisite for economical reconditioning is access to a comprehensive assortment of spare parts to be able to quickly replace all necessary components.

In Europe as well as in North America, HOERBIGER offers repair services for compressors and components, regardless of equipment manufacturer, in close proximity to the customer. Our performance spectrum also includes reconditioning of ancillary and auxiliary units. The objective of the repair work is to restore performance to like-new condition. We satisfy all manufacturers' specifications, our own standards, as well as customer-specific requirements.

Prior to the actual work, we always assess the given situation. After a repair is completed, we document in detail all work that was performed as well as the start-up of a repaired compressor.

A globally networked SAP system guarantees fast access to all the required parts as well as to manufacturer, supplier and service partner information. The quality assurance standards are documented using a specific and integrated service tool (HOERBIGER ESM). This also includes documentation of all steps of the process.