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Spare Parts

Sales of spare parts for reciprocating compressors

  • Range of offering includes spare parts from all manufacturers
  • Short delivery times worldwide
  • In-house produced spare parts and OEM parts in stock

The reliable operation of reciprocating compressors necessitates a fast and reliable supply of spare parts. HOERBIGER offers spare parts service for compressors from all manufacturers, both for manufacturers and for end customers. A worldwide network of service branches and in-house stock-keeping guarantee delivery on short notice.

In addition to standard components such as valves, rings and packing, as well as key components produced in-house, HOERBIGER can also supply all other compressor spare parts. A proprietary reference database facilitates secure identification of spare parts without requiring the user to open the machine. Special spare parts are shipped promptly on request as customized replacement parts.

A special service offering of HOERBIGER includes optional management of the entire spare parts portfolio for the respective compressors, allowing customers to drastically reduce their own inventory. In the event of major breakdowns, replacement units and reconditioned compressors are also available at all times as a cost- and time-saving alternative to new equipment.

If a customer is dependent on specific units, HOERBIGER offers assistance in the search for used machines of the required type and reconditions these, if necessary – to include compressor testing and certification.