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Fault Analysis

Comprehensive reciprocating compressor problem resolution

  • Experience in the integration of compressors in various systems
  • Simulation programs for FEM analyses and compressor load computations
  • Access to modern components to reliably solve detected problems

In industries where gases are compressed, reciprocating compressors often times form the core of the production plant. Processes change, the plant is reconfigured or upgraded, new methods are introduced – but the compressor remains constant.

Such extensive changes can quickly result in operating problems of the compressor. In these instances, HOERBIGER can help with comprehensive fault analysis.

Based on the knowledge and experience gained over decades in dealing with reciprocating compressors and modern simulation programs, HOERBIGER specialists analyze the current mode of operation. HOERBIGER uses this fundamental analysis to develop suggested solutions to ensure optimal configuration of the compressor and a smooth production process under the changed conditions.

HOERBIGER offers fault analysis and optimization for all reciprocating compressors – regardless of manufacturer, output, installation or intended purpose. The analytical and evaluation programs incorporate both application-related and customer specifications as well as safety, EX protection or hygiene requirements.