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Environmental Compatibility

Reduction of gas emissions and oil consumption

  • Reduction of process gas leaks through innovative packings
  • Up to 10 percent energy savings through efficient valves
  • Up to 60 percent energy savings through optimal control

HOERBIGER is an expert when it comes to equipping reciprocating compressors with state-of-the-art, performance-defining components. The portfolio additionally includes products and systems that considerably reduce emissions and lubricant consumption in reciprocating compressors. Packings featuring the newly developed BCD rings made of HOERBIGER HY materials considerably reduce the impact on the environment due to less leakage and less lubricating oil requiring proper disposal. Efficient valves and control systems lower energy consumption and consequently the carbon dioxide equivalent of the compressors.

All reciprocating compressors can be upgraded with the goal of improving the compressors' environmental compatibility. HOERBIGER customizes the service offering to optimally address the varying requirements that exist in the different sectors in which reciprocating compressors are used. This equally benefits customers in oil and gas production, in the process gas industry, the food industry, as well as in the beverage industry for the production of PET bottles.