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2013-10-30 - HOERBIGER at the Blechexpo

Electric or Hydraulic?

Both - perfectly combined!

Reliability, efficiency and ease of handling are the focus of the trade show presentation of HOERBIGER at the Blechexpo in Hall 3, Booth 3504 on November 5 through 8, 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany. The new generation of the electrohydraulic actuator ePrAX will be the highlight of the leading sheet metal working trade fair. The portfolio is rounded out by the Laser Gas Regulator (LGR) for laser cutting machines as well as the flexible and autonomous LiftAX linear axis system.

Automation technology is primarily about precision, speed and power - especially when working sheet metal. Key aspects include the simplicity of installation, maintenance and operation of these crucial machine elements. With ePrAX, HOERBIGER offers a top-of-the-line electrohydraulic actuator, which is compact and powerful and meets market requirements, opening up new prospects for machine developers.

"A year ago, the trade audience at the EuroBLECH marveled at our first-generation electric actuator," explains Katja Ebenhoch, Head of the Industrial Machinery Business Segment of HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik Holding, Altenstadt, Germany. "This year, we use the opportunity to present the advancement of the ePrAX for the next higher tonnage. The ePrAX system has made a name for itself in the sheet metal working industry and proven that there is a perfect combination of electric and hydraulic systems."

Another performance-defining component is the Laser Gas Regulator (LGR). A piezo-electrical system - in conjunction with precision engineering, electronics and sensors - enables extremely fast gas changes and reliable gas pressure stability. It would not be possible to use gas lasers precisely without this high-speed control because the gas change and gas pressure stability are the quintessential quality factors when it comes to laser cutting.

LiftAX is another derivative of the idea of taking advantage of the benefits of hydraulics, such as power and robustness, while packaging them into an electric drive system that is tangible to the customer. The flexible and autonomous linear axis system can be used either individually or combined in any arbitrary number. A team of 4 LiftAX systems, for example, manages a stroke of 250 mm in about 4 seconds, lifting no less than 4 tons. During lowering, the hydraulic interior of LiftAX provides for end-of-stroke damping to assure that the moved mass is gently set down at the bottom point of the stroke.

As a result, HOERBIGER will set standards at the Blechexpo by demonstrating that it is not closed-minded to new technologies. On the contrary: fluidics - i.e. hydraulics or pneumatics - as well as electrical and electronic systems form the perfect symbiosis in all of the products of HOERBIGER.

Come let us surprise you and visit us at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart!