SLP Ring Group

Excellent sealing action even at low differential pressure

  • Excellent sealing action at pressures below 3.5 bar
  • Low wear due to optimal material pairing

SLP rings are especially suited for the low-pressure end of the packing. They seal behind vent lines or enable purge gas sealing behind main pressure packings or oil wiper packings.

Because of the slanted design of the faces and the garter spring force, the specially cut SLP (side-loaded pressure) rings maintain a permanent seal between the tangent cut ring and the cup sealing face, even at low gas pressure.

The rings do not reciprocate with the piston rod at low differential pressures.

Technical data

SLP rings imperial metric
Piston rod diameter (in / mm) 0.78 to 7.8 20 to 200
Differential pressure (psi / bar) <50 <3.5