RT Radial and Tangent Rings

Sealing element for all pressure packings

  • Wide material selection for any application
  • Quick installation due to split rings
  • Good sealing action and long service life

Radial-tangent pairs made by HOERBIGER are sealing elements suitable for all pressure packings and all types of compressors and piston rods. Being a standard sealing element that is manufactured from a wide variety of materials, it can be easily adapted to a broad range of gases and related lubricants in the process and natural gas industries, air compressors, and technical gases.

The single-acting radial-tangent pair is forced against the face of the packing cup by the pressure of the gases. The gas flows through the side clearance in the cup and the gaps in the radial cut ring into the space above the packing rings, forcing the segments of the packing rings against the piston rod, which creates the seal.

By combining a radial cut and a tangential cut ring, each ring seals the cut of the other and good sealing action is achieved. A variety of materials for all types of applications allow optimum pairing of the piston rod surface and ring material, assuring a long service life.

Technical data

R/T sealing ring imperial metric
Piston Rod Diameter (in / mm) 0.78 to 7.8 20 to 200
Pressure Range (psi / bar) 43.5 to 4,350 3 to 300