Piston Rings

For reciprocating compressors

  • Tribologically advantageous materials
  • Gas-tight construction for low-molecular-weight gases
  • Nonlube conversion possible through ring replacement

HOERBIGER piston rings seal the gas in the compression chamber of reciprocating compressors. They are customized, in terms of design and material, to the respective application conditions in refineries, the natural gas industry, as well as the petrochemical and chemical industries. The precisely manufactured rings also allow reliable operation with a long service life in industrial air production and many areas of process engineering.

HOERBIGER offers a broad range of tribologically optimized materials for producing the piston rings. Depending on the material choice, the rings are suitable for wet and dry gases and all molecular weights of gases. They are also available in materials that resist contaminated and corrosive gases.

Technical data

Piston rings imperial metric
Diameter (in / mm) 0.55 to 63 14 to 1,600