OT Rings

OT oil wiper packings

for effective oil seals

  • Extremely oil-tight
  • Easy to integrate in existing packing case
  • Versatile use

HOERBIGER OT oil wiper packings have a non-process-specific design. This makes them ideally suited for sealing reciprocating compressors in any application.

The OT oil wiper packing is an enhancement of the conventional oil wiper packing. Instead of rigid wiper rings, which are pressed on by spring pressure but have lateral play, the OT throttle ring “sticks” to the housing wall due to oil stiction, preventing excessive oil penetration.

The scraper rings of the OT oil wiper packing are designed to be extremely closely seated against the piston rod. This assures excellent sealing action, even with worn-down piston rods that are no longer rotationally symmetrical. The geometry of the two-part rings additionally allows for easy installation in retrofits.

The high wiping action of the HOERBIGER OT oil wiper packing considerably lowers the compressor’s oil consumption, lowering disposal costs for oil at the same time. This solution is therefore not only eco-friendly, it also lowers operating costs. In addition, the high reliability extends maintenance intervals.

HOERBIGER OT oil wiper packings can be used in existing or new compressors and are suited for all rotational speed ranges.

Technical Data

OT Oil Wiper Ring imperial metric
Piston Rod Diameter (in / mm) 0.5 to 4.9 13 to 125