2017-03-14 - Global innovation at the LogiMAT

the xetto® saves time and money

HOERBIGER will showcase the mobile transport and loading system xetto® for the first time at the LogiMAT. The innovation considerably simplifies lifting, moving, and loading/unloading heavy cargo. The resulting time savings significantly benefit tradesmen, industrial enterprises, and logistics businesses.

Cost and time pressure are part of daily routine in the logistics and transportation field. Streamlining, process optimization and efficiency increases rank at the very top on many companies’ wish lists. The xetto®, the innovative loading comfort system for intelligent logistics applications, offers a very simple solution: The heavy lifter goes everywhere you go.

The design of xetto® is so compact that it fits in almost any light truck beneath the cargo. It only takes one person a few simple steps to load xetto® along with the items being hauled - without exertion. Up to 250 kilograms of cargo can be easily transported, without physical strain.

The multipurpose system that goes where you go

The operating principle of xetto® is as simple as it is ingenious: The key component of the innovation is a powerful system of microhydraulics and kinematics, developed by HOERBIGER. xetto® picks up the cargo like a transport cart. It then turns into a pallet truck, lifts its freight to a maximum sill height of 800 millimeters and into the vehicle, "climbs" in behind it, and stows itself beneath the cargo. Unloading is equally simple: The xetto® extends out of the vehicle, creates a solid footing for itself, turns into a pallet truck again, and allows users to transport their cargo safely and easily to their destination, without straining their backs. An innovative selection of accessories necessary for loading and unloading a small work vehicle in a single piece of equipment is unrivaled – making xetto® a welcome helper for intelligent logistics applications.

The right solution for any industry

The xetto® has already demonstrated its versatility in everyday work settings. Metalworkers, logistics staff and machine manufacturers have tested the worldwide innovation in daily life and explored its application possibilities. The result is impressive in every respect: Everyone is excited about the practical multipurpose system. Thanks to its flexibility, the range of potential applications of xetto® is almost limitless. Regardless

of the field in which the system is used, it effortlessly hauls all sorts of materials, tools or equipment.

Everything from a single source

Measuring 1,175 x 800 millimeters, the load area offers space for many things that must be transported as part of the daily routine. Special xetto® accessories optimize usage conditions. Replacement batteries and corresponding chargers for vehicles or the workshop, for example, extend the operating time. An assortment of lashing straps, edge protection and cord netting are available to secure the cargo, allowing the load area to be flexibly adapted to the shape and size of the goods being transported. Additionally, a tarpaulin offers weather-proof protection, if necessary.

HOERBIGER has established a network of certified distributors allowing end users from the trades, industry and logistics to purchase xetto® directly from retailers. Maintenance and repairs are carried out by the service partners. The company offers a three-tiered concept – ranging from full service, through a maintenance service option, to self service. The service package is rounded out by a flexible leasing program, which provides planning reliability easily, quickly, and without any red tape.

With xetto®, HOERBIGER is tapping new market and customer segments. “Our goal is to evolve into an expert and solution provider for compact power,” comments Klemens Wressnig, Head of the Loading Comfort Business Segment, adding: “With xetto®, HOERBIGER is not only establishing a new brand and a new product, but for the first time is also showcasing a complete system solution.” From Development through Production and several distribution channels to Service, everything related to xetto® comes from a single source.