Engine Division


The newly created Engine Division is broken down into three Business Units (BU): Engine OEM, Engine Applications, and Engine Service.

The BU Engine OEM supports the OEM business with the engine manufacturers. This BU encompasses the engineering experts for gas-powered engine combustion. The products and solutions cover the areas of ignitions, electronic control units, valves, and actuators.

The BU Engine Applications offers technologies and solutions for engine upgrades aimed at improving performance and lowering emissions. It manages the distribution channels to the end customers.

The BU Engine Service covers the entire service offering as it relates to engines. In addition to the spare parts and field service business, it also includes the sale of remanufactured exchange engines as well as the distribution and service partnership with GE Waukesha. At present, HOERBIGER is an authorized distributor for GE Waukesha in 12 countries.