Rosengarten, Germany

[from HOERBIGER@MOTION December 2016 ] ]

ALUCA GmbH, Rosengarten, Germany, manufactures upscale vehicle fittings made entirely of aluminum and is considered one of Germany’s top suppliers in the premium segment. ALUCA-2-go completely reinvents the notion of the mobile workplace: A single person can load, unload, lift, and move tools, materials, and parts weighing as much as 250 kilograms (550 pounds) to a job site effortlessly. The key to this is the xetto®, an innovative, mobile transport and loading system from HOERBIGER.

All ALUCA fittings are made in Germany and ensure maximum stability and ergonomics. Aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, extremely durable material that offers high stability and can withstand heavy payloads.

The operating principle of the xetto® is as simple as it is ingenious: Thanks to powerful electrohydraulics and cleverly designed kinematics, the system picks up the cargo like a transport cart. It then turns into a pallet truck, lifts its freight into the vehicle, climbs in behind it, and stows itself beneath the cargo. The entire procedure is effortless for the operator.

During unloading, the xetto® extends out of the vehicle, creates a solid footing for itself, and turns into a pallet truck again, allowing users to transport their cargo safely and easily, without straining their backs.