2016-10-11 - HOERBIGER at Chillventa

regulating capacity easy & flexibly

Sustainable COâ‚‚ applications

CapaFlex™ saves energy and cost

HOERBIGER CapaFlex™ is a mechanical capacity control unit for sustainable CO₂ refrigeration applications. The Swiss industrial group unveiled the innovation at the 2016 Chillventa - a leading international exhibition for the refrigeration, heat pumps, and ventilation sector. CapaFlex™ offers great benefit for the customer, allowing stepless mechanical control of CO₂-operated refrigeration systems. Operators save energy, while also benefitting from low installation and maintenance costs.

Refrigeration systems must be energy-efficient, easy and flexible to operate, and run reliably and without downtime. Due to the high pressure present in COâ‚‚-operated refrigeration systems, it was previously not possible in these applications to use mechanical capacity control units that meet the requirements of the market.

With the HOERBIGER CapaFlex™ system, HOERBIGER has now developed the first mechanical stepless capacity control unit that can also be used in transcritical CO₂ systems.

The HOERBIGER CapaFlex™ system lowers the operator's costs, both in terms of energy consumption and when it comes to installation and maintenance. The new system also ensures failure-free operation of the refrigeration equipment: in the event of a malfunction, the compressor continues to operate at full power, keeping the cold chain intact at all times.