Albavilla, Italy

Press brakes made to order

A visitor to VICLA's production facility in Albavilla, Italy, will immediately sense the special environment. VICLA does not consider itself a conventional manufacturer of press brakes and guillotine shears, but rather an artisanal enterprise oriented toward providing its clients with custom-designed sheet metal working machinery, in addition to standard products.

[from HOERBIGER@MOTION June 2016 ]

In addition to individuality and flexibility, VICLA is proud of its uncompromising quest for quality. One of the company’s main strengths lies in paying close attention to customer requirements and to incorporate them in the design and construction of its machinery, along with its own research and development as well as high-quality components.

VICLA purchases all the individual parts for press brakes. The company's core competencies lie in design and production know-how. The result is leading edge machines well-known for their high-level performance characteristics.

Press brakes lead to success

VICLA generates about ten percent of its revenue through guillotine shears, but press brake sales make up the lion’s share – about 90 percent. The company offers nine model series with bending forces from 300 to 3,200 kN for various purposes. The flagship of these presses is the .SUPERIOR series, distinguished by its high speed and precision. These machines offer the further advantage of extensive expandability through add-on modules such as Clever Crowning or Flex. Such enhancements represent a significant reduction in labor, since they can perform corrections to the bending process without operator intervention. The modern clean lines of press brakes by VICLA also make a good visual impression, thus proving the proverbial Italian sense of aesthetics.

The HOERBIGER ePrAX® drive system is a performance-defining component of .SUPERIOR press brakes. Because of its compact, closed design, its operation is clean and free of leaks, featuring no oil lines. Like an electric drive, the closed system is attached to the frame of the press brake with a few cables and eight screws. The ePrAX® system allows VICLA customers to enjoy numerous advantages. Depending on the installed ePrAX® variant, energy savings range between 55 and 78 percent, compared to conventional drives. Likewise the hydraulic fluid requirement is reduced. Whereas in conventional presses 250-liter tanks are the rule, VICLA’s .SUPERIOR 110 press brake relies on 80 liters of hydraulic fluid divided between two tanks.