Installation, outage management, maintenance, repair, upgrade, and revamp

Turbomachinery reliability and availability are extremely important to operators in the oil, gas, and energy industries. Downtime should be limited to scheduled maintenance and service.

With custom services ranging from installation, through outage management, maintenance and repair, to comprehensive upgrade and revamp projects, HOERBIGER ensures that turbomachinery from a variety of manufacturers operate reliably. Optionally these services can be framed around long-term performance guarantees.


  • Complete turbomachinery solution provider through field and shop services.
  • Fully equipped facilities and highly trained engineers and technicians.
  • Best practices in project management guarantee fast response and short turnaround times.

Operators strive to be able to run turbomachinery continuously and at maximum performance when needed – without compromising reliability. HOERBIGER makes this possible, providing services build out of many years of experience, knowledge, and extensive expertise from hundreds of successful upgrade and revamp projects.

Full Description

HOERBIGER turbomachinery services cover everything from installation, through maintenance and repair, to complex upgrade and revamp projects targeting sustainable improvements in maintainability, efficiency and reliability.

HOERBIGER service experts have comprehensive technical know-how in turbomachines from a wide variety of manufacturers, and an understanding not just of individual components, but of the entire processes and plants in which turbomachines are ultimately used.

An important part of every service order is a troubleshooting analysis which can be provided optionally. The results of the analysis are used to develop customized plans to improve the reliability of entire machine groups within a plant. A key factor in the success of this process is our interaction with the customer.

HOERBIGER provides custom service solutions for planning, project management, and the implementation of preventive and corrective service projects. Tailor-made service agreements, which can also be long-term, guarantee comprehensive support over the entire life of turbines, compressors, blowers, and reducers.