Spare parts agreements

Fast, accurate, compliant – Spare Parts Agreements for reciprocating compressors

Missing or incorrect spare parts are frequent causes of extended equipment downtime and causing losses in production. Timely, accurate and compliant spare parts provision is a crucial criterion that supports improvements in availability of reciprocating compressors.

HOERBIGER's Parts Agreement based processes help to reduce equipment downtime due to missing or incorrect spare parts, guaranteeing delivery of the right spares, at the right time.

HOERBIGER shows initiative: if desired, HOERBIGER Service experts also provide their customers with more reliable alternatives to parts that need frequent replacement.


  • By reducing the number of administrative steps in the ordering process, a HOERBIGER spares agreement reduces lead times by an average of one week.
  • The spares agreement improves on-time delivery performance, thanks to close integration with our manufacturing and inventory systems.
  • With our in-house database listing 500,000 compressor parts, HOERBIGER provides technical and sales support for practically any component.

With a HOERBIGER spare parts agreement, reciprocating compressor operators can always be confident of receiving the compressor spares they need, in the time frame they need them – with no surprises.

Delivery times are quick, predictable, and reliable. Every spare part order and shipment is documented in detail and is fully trackable, with transparent conditions and prices.

In addition to performance-defining components developed in-house, HOERBIGER is an official distributor for select OEMs, offering custom spare parts for virtually all common reciprocating compressors.

Full Description

A standard spare parts agreement makes ordering simple, quick, and above all accurate and reliable. Streamlined processes save the customer’s time. The agreement shows critical reference numbers aligned at equipment and component levels. Straightforward ordering automatically combines the particular customer part number with the HOERBIGER part number, making the right spare parts easy to identify.

As an original component manufacturer, HOERBIGER supplies a full range of components such as valves, rings and packings, plus specific key reciprocating compressor items, such as liners and piston rods. HOERBIGER also designs and manufactures new parts for discontinued compressor models, including frames, crankshafts, and cylinders.

Going a step further, HOERBIGER offers to manage specific parts on request, allowing the customer to reduce their own stocks. To cover major breakdowns, HOERBIGER can keep a stock of replacement parts and reconditioned parts for you.

All necessary documents such as certificates, test records, operating instructions, and safety information are included in the scope of delivery.