REE Audit

Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental soundness

The success of HOERBIGER customers in the oil, gas, and process industries is built on a strong foundation: safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable operation of their equipment globally.

How is it possible to measure equipment reliability, efficiency, and environmental soundness of – either individual reciprocating compressors or entire compressor fleets – in a way that allows improvement potential to be identified and implemented?

HOERBIGER has the answer: a REE audit. REE stands for reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness. Following a comprehensive examination, the REE audit provides a detailed analysis of all the possibilities for improvement, recommendations, and a detailed plan for successful implementation.


  • REE auditors, with at least 10 years’ experience with reciprocating compressors, have already assessed 676 machines worldwide since end of 2012.
  • REE auditors consolidate all process, maintenance, operating, and performance information collected on and off site.
  • The clear and concise report shows current performance and upgrade potential of compressors with REE index and ranking of potential savings.

A HOERBIGER REE audit is an independent technical review. Extensive and specific data analysis on the potential to optimize equipment performance provides a sound decision-making basis for equipment operators to realize their improvement potential and benefits in a later stage.

“We thought that we already knew everything about our compressors and how to use them. The HOERBIGER REE team showed us how much more know-how we can generate from the operating data and by inspecting the machines.”
Tareq Y. Al-Saifan, Manager Maintenance, KNPC, Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery, Kuwait

Full description

As part of a REE audit, HOERBIGER experts review the customer’s compressors and their current technology, processes, operating conditions, and maintenance and service records. The goal is to identify the optimization potential for every machine.

The HOERBIGER certified REE auditors document all their findings in a REE audit report. The HOERBIGER REE audit report summarizes overall the equipment’s actual performance rating in a unique REE index. This index rates the degree of reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness on a scale from 0 (out of operation) to 10 (industry’s best).

At a follow-up REE alignment meeting, the REE auditor presents the findings and recommendations from the analysis and discusses them with the customer.

HOERBIGER experts can then help their customers prioritize measures to improve compressor performance, taking into account their strategic and economic requirements and calculations of the anticipated ROI.

Once a customer has decided on an improvement pathway, HOERBIGER helps develop detailed implementation proposals. HOERBIGER is also able to supply the necessary parts and services, from component upgrades to complete re-engineering.