The REE Program

An idea became our mission

  • Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental soundness
  • Reconditioning for heavily used machines and equipment
  • A service idea became an engineering approach

Most of us believe regular inspections and maintenance improve the reliability of machines and equipment. At times, however, it's not sufficient just to replace worn parts. Realizing this is what makes service a philosophy. This is the background behind HOERBIGER REE.

REE is an integrated engineering approach.

Over the course of its long operation, machines and equipment are exposed not only to heavy use but also to new challenges. Changes to processes, loads and run times can have a dramatic impact on key components such as valves, bearings and rings.

This is where HOERBIGER REE comes into play.

REE denotes Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental soundness. In a REE audit, HOERBIGER specialists analyze and evaluate existing machines. They then determine opportunities for optimization in terms of reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness.

Why simply service a machine when you can improve its operation?

At HOERBIGER, service is not about meeting the customer’s desires. It’s about meeting the customer’s needs – by comprehensively and effectively improving production processes. The REE idea is the backbone for every HOERBIGER service.

Thanks to REE, HOERBIGER maximizes your machine’s performance.


The HOERBIGER Pioneer Class

You demand expertise you can rely on. Improved performance, a higher return on investment, and greater utilization of savings potentials are all possible by optimizing complex processes related to your compressor’s performance-relevant components.

The time has come for the HOERBIGER Pioneer Class. We know our customers’ expectations, needs and desires. With your input, we create the best business cases using our expert machine and process knowledge – regardless of compressor manufacturer.


The HOERBIGER Advanced Class

Long-lasting relationships prove that HOERBIGER can work with customers on an equal footing, thanks to the experience and technical competence of our Service experts. These partnerships provide compelling quality for customers who seek reliability with price competitiveness and on-time delivery performance.

HOERBIGER Service experts support you with tried-and-tested services and packages whenever and however you need them: on site, remotely, day by day or overnight. This kind of cooperation leads to lasting trust.