One-of-a-kind piston rod sealing system for reciprocating compressors

  • Absolutely gas-tight sealing during operation and standby
  • No necessity for purge gas, external water cooling or a separate packing lubrication
  • Integrated monitoring of pressure-packing

HOERBIGER XperSEAL provides absolutely gas-tight sealing of the reciprocating compressor's pressure-packing thanks to a pressurized oil barrier and specially designed oil rings. This oil barrier prevents process gas from leaking along the piston rod through the packing, making environmental targets easier to meet and improving workplace safety. The clever design eliminates the need for purge gas. Since no separate packing lubrication is required, the consumption of lubricating oil also decreases significantly.

So how does the rod sealing system work? HOERBIGER XperSEAL takes advantage of the higher dynamic viscosity of oil as compared to gases and uses elasto-hydrodynamic effects to prevent oil leakage and create a lubricating oil film.
XperSEAL includes three system components – the XperSEAL packing, the XperSEAL unit, and the ExBox-S. The packing includes the oil rings, which form the gas-tight oil barrier. The required oil pressure is supplied by the XperSEAL unit. The ExBox-S provides the power supply for the XperSEAL unit, displays readings of the oil level, temperature and pressure, and can be mounted in hazardous areas. The readings can optionally be relayed to a DCS / PLC.

Technical specifications

EX certificates ATEX, UL, intrinsically safe system
Number of packings Up to 6
Suction pressure Up to 1230 psi / 85 bar
Piston speed Up to 19.6 ft/s / 6 m/s