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New joint venture brand: D’BLUE

[ Published in HOERBIGER@MOTION 03/2013 ]

Until a few years ago, large diesel engines for ships and locomotives in the 100 kilowatt per cylinder power class and higher were prestigious products of machine manufacturers from Europe and North America. In terms of quantity, Asia—notably China and South Korea—are now playing a leading role in the premium class of engine construction: established international players as well as numerous regional firms in Asia are building a far greater number of large diesel engines than any other industrial location in the world.

To be an effective contender in this fiercely competitive market, HOERBIGER and large diesel engine specialist L'Orange formed an alliance to develop their markets in Asia. The innovation and technology leaders from Europe have faced the competition under the new D'BLUE brand since the beginning of 2013, acting as a system supplier for large-bore engines with compression ignition, and notably for injection and control technology.

The two companies are utilizing their leading technology position to meet the growing requirements of the large-bore engine market with efficient and environmentally friendly integrated solutions. L’Orange is supplying diesel injection technology, and HOERBIGER is providing its Ported Fuel Injector valves, actuators and engine management systems from the portfolio of the Engine Solutions Business Segment.

Efficient injection systems are a key technology for the development of ecologically sound diesel engines. They make it possible to lower harmful emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and extend service life. Notably dual-fuel systems, which are engines that run on both diesel and natural gas, will increase in importance.

D'BLUE offers its customers solutions with optimally harmonized components. These will play a role in assuring that modern industrial and marine engines comply with the high emissions and fuel efficiency targets that have been set for the future by operators and supervisory authorities.


HOERBIGER contributes key system components, such as the Ported Fuel Injection (PFI) valves developed specially for dual-fuel engines, to the collaboration under the D'BLUE brand. Additionally, system solutions such as the ActuCOM actuator for controlling the air circulation of high-speed engines and the DriveCOM controller, an electronic engine management system, are part of the D'BLUE portfolio. With the latest-generation common rail injectors as well as development know-how and manufacturing technology in the field of diesel injection, L'Orange ensures that the D'BLUE brand can evolve into a leading system provider in Asia for diesel and dual-fuel systems.

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The number of global players is small when it comes to injection and ignition systems for large engines. D'BLUE is a new brand enhancing the scene and has the backing of two innovation and technology leaders, namely HOERBIGER and L'Orange, who in the past became established in the market as trendsetters in the industry with ignition and injection systems.


Initial contacts between HOERBIGER and L'Orange were established in the course of 2012. In September, both companies announced their intent to collaborate at the 2012 SMM in Hamburg, the leading international maritime trade fair. L'Orange and HOERBIGER signed their cooperation agreement on December 20, 2012. In February and March 2013, D'BLUE was introduced to key customers in Asia as part of a roadshow.