OFD oil wiper ring

Maximum oil savings and reliability -

even in high-speed compressors

  • No loss of oil as a result of superior sealing efficiency
  • Long service life and high reliability, without piston rod wear
  • Optimal fit with piston rod, resulting in optimal wiping action

Oil wiper rings ensure that lubricating oil remains contained in the crankcase. Scraper rings typically used are made from metallic material which cause wear to the piston rod, and shortens service life. Drawbacks are significant at higher compressor speeds.

Technology leap in oil wipers

The OFD wiper ring has a unique operating principle and uses a special sealing ring shape that is manufactured from polymeric material.

Conventional solutions scrape the oil off the piston rod with sharp-edged rings. The OFD wiper ring, in contrast, takes advantage of the elasto-hydrodynamic effect.

The pressure in the lubricating gap between the elastic sealing ring and the piston rod causes the ring to deform. The deformation of the sealing ring at the same time changes the shape of the gap and, as a result, the pressure distribution. The OFD wiper ring ensures that the oil is scraped off the piston rod efficiently and gently and then recirculated into the crankcase, without causing wear on the piston rod (see animation).

Technical characteristics

OFD oil wiper ring imperial metric
Piston rod diameter (in / mm) 0.78 to 5 20 to 130