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News from the HOERBIGER Group

2016-03-23 – HOERBIGER inside: ALFA ROMEO GIULIA

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

Anxiously anticipated for some time, the new four-door mid-sized sedan from Alfa Romeo is finally here: the Giulia sports car is now being launched as the successor to the model 159. Incidentally, the first variant to be released was the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio, boasting 375 kW/510 hp. This powerful engine, standard rear-wheel drive, and the marque of the iconic 1960s model all bear witness to just how serious the Italians are about this latest series.

The platform for this modern version of Giulia is not by Romeo, but by Giorgio, as the vehicle platform for this car is referred to internally. Additionally, the sedan will roll off the assembly line equipped with the 6-speed transmission made by GETRAG FORD Transmissions (GFT).

The manual transmission itself comes from Great Britain and features HOERBIGER components and systems from two German locations. Four complete hub systems for six forward gears and reverse as well as two engagement disks come from Oberstenfeld, while two friction systems – used for the first two gears – are contributed by the plant in Schongau.

In tune with the times, the story of Alfa Romeo and Giulia is being continued with participation of the international production stage. A happy ending is guaranteed: after all, the Bella Macchina is sure to make all drivers smile, and not just the die-hard Alfistis.

2015-07-29 – HOERBIGER 2014/15 Yearbook


The HOERBIGER 2014/15 Yearbook more than ever showcases the employees' contribution to the corporate success of the HOERBIGER Group. Distribution of the approximately 130-page print version to the employees of the Group began in July. The HOERBIGER 2014/15 Yearbook is available online now on the HOERBIGER website – – as an e-book with audio book function. Based on the German and English print versions, the audio sequences are now available in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, and Marathi.

The Yearbook centers around the 7,004 employees of HOERBIGER worldwide, their engagement and extraordinary performance. The title – "People. Engagement. Performance. – Future." – echoes the fundamental spirit that has always been part of the company and is decisive for its success.

The Yearbook is intended to further reinforce the strong sense of community reflected in the corporate culture and the corporate philosophy. This sense of community is depicted in the photographs and portrayed in the special editorial content.

The PEOPLE OPPORTUNITIES section primarily highlights the people of HOERBIGER. In addition to the vision, mission and values of the Group, it is dedicated to the employees' individual development opportunities.

The "VALUE GROWTH" section of the Yearbook once more outlines the HOERBIGER business model. It focuses on performance-defining, and increasingly safety-defining, components for the oil, gas and automotive industries as well as the mechanical engineering field. This business approach requires some explanation and is therefore given adequate space in the HOERBIGER Yearbook.

The review of the year from an operational perspective covers innovations and achievements of the Strategic Business Units Compression Technology and Drive Technology, a look back on the performance of the Strategic Business Unit Automation Technology, and the introduction of the new Hydraulics Business Division, which evolved from Automation Technology and the Automotive Comfort System Business Division in the spring of 2015.

In terms of photography and design, the HOERBIGER 2014/15 Yearbook uniquely conveys both the Group's identity and character and HOERBIGER's performance goal: We set standards. Approximately 100 employees and senior managers in 18 teams at 10 locations posed for this conceptual approach. Informative texts, an appealing layout, and modern typography all contribute to the professional look of the HOERBIGER Yearbook.

2015-07-17 – HOERBIGER at work in Nigeria

HOERBIGER service technicians overhaul a reciprocating compressor on board an FPSO vessel off Nigeria's coast.

The acronym FPSO denotes Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit. FPSOs are used in the offshore industry for the production, processing and intermediate storage of oil and gas.

Their use is preferred in production regions that have not been fully developed since they are easier to install than fixed drilling platforms, and no expensive construction of a pipeline infrastructure is needed. On rarer occasions, FPSOs also serve as central collection points for the oil and gas produced by multiple drilling platforms.

2015-07-03 – HOERBIGER at work in Brazil

TurboTech Engenharia employees load a container with field service equipment in Salvador (Bahia), Brazil.

TurboTech has been part of the HOERBIGER Group since early 2014. The company has an outstanding reputation as a turbomachinery specialist both in Brazil and in the wider region.

2015-06-22 – HOERBIGER Webcast: XP Valve

Join our HOERBIGER expert in this webinar on new valve technology for reciprocating compressors!

Register for the morning session or join us in the afternoon session.

For many plants in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industry, reciprocating compressors are key elements in the process. If they shut down because of a mechanical failure, the production and profitability of the entire plant is at risk. Just like the heart in the human body, valves determine the overall performance of reciprocating compressors more than any other component.

Although advances in valve technology, such as more reliable plate valves or energy efficient ring valves, had a positive impact on compressor performance, another leap forward in technology is now possible: the profiled plate valve.

This webinar will show how new technology allows for more advanced designs of compressors, with higher power density, fewer valve pockets and unloaders, thus resulting in a reduced footprint.

Ultimately, you will learn how you can improve your operation's reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness, illustrated by typical applications in the Oil & Gas industry.

Ask your questions directly to the panel. The 60-minute webcast will also include a live question and answer session. In case you are not able to join the live session, you can still register to get a free download of the webcast.

2015-04-08 – HOERBIGER inside: Jeep Renegade

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

With the Jeep Renegade, the brand that enjoys cultlike status among sport utility vehicles is, for the first time, penetrating the segment of compact crossover SUVs. While the smaller engine models come with front-wheel drive, the diesel and gasoline engines putting out up to 170 hp are equipped with a new, very efficient all-wheel drive system: the rear axle, along with the drive shaft, is decoupled for everyday driving – and quickly engages automatically when necessary. That’s when the Renegade shines with the outstanding offroad traits we have come to know from its larger siblings.

HOERBIGER worked closely on this project with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), of which Jeep is also part. Numerous Renegade models feature the manual C635 6-speed transmission made by Fiat Powertrain. The transmission is always equipped with complete HOERBIGER systems and has been used in Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia cars – at times in a doubleclutch variant – since 2009.

2014-10-02 – HOERBIGER inside: Opel Cascada

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

Following the Mokka, a compact SUV, the Cascada is another building block in Opel’s multi-billion euro product offensive: the midsized convertible offers luxury, elegance and excellent handling at an attractive price. The Cascada will therefore be able to reach customers in segments in which Opel previously was not active.

The Cascada offers a broad powertrain line-up. The base gasoline turbo is available with output of 103 kW/140 hp. It is joined by a turbo diesel with 121 kW/165 hp as well as the all-new 1.6 ECOTEC® Direct Injection Turbo engine, which is now available with outputs of 125 kW/170 hp and 147 kW/200 hp and is distinguished by pleasant running smoothness and high power output with economical fuel consumption. All engine size variants come standard with a six-speed manual transmission, for which HOERBIGER supplies the friction systems.

2014-06-27 – HOERBIGER inside: VW Amarok Canyon

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

17-inch alloy wheels, high-gloss design elements, premium interior and an optional light bar on the roof: despite its stylish appearance, the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon is anything but flashy. The special edition model appeals to a clientele that wants it all: full off-road readiness and huge cargo carrying capability as well as dynamic handling.

To be able to negotiate any terrain, all Canyon models are equipped with on-demand or permanent all-wheel drives—coupled standard to the Ecolite six-speed manual transmission made by ZF, for which HOERBIGER supplies the friction systems.

2014-04-15 – HOERBIGER acquires TurboTech

Strengthening the turbomachinery service portfolio in Latin America

The HOERBIGER Group has acquired TurboTech Engenharia Ltda, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. The privately held engineering firm specializes in providing maintenance, overhaul and monitoring services for turbomachinery equipment.

HOERBIGER will retain the staff of TurboTech and will operate the company under the umbrella of HOERBIGER Service Latin America, Inc. (HSLA) in the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology.

The acquisition follows several years of successful collaboration on major turbomachinery overhaul projects in Latin America. With this acquisition, HOERBIGER continues to strengthen the current product and service portfolio to include maintenance and overhaul services of turbomachinery.

TurboTech brings highly specialized know-how in the field of rotating equipment to the HOERBIGER Group. HOERBIGER now possesses additional expert knowledge as it relates to plant installation, increasing operational reliability, as well as failure analysis and upgrading of centrifugal compressors, turbines, pumps, blowers and turboexpanders.

Image: TurboTech employees install a turbine at the site of Eneva S.A., a customer in the Brazilian state of Maranhão.

2014-04-03 – The Chase for the Comet is On

Rosetta is Fully Operational

A data packet from deep space: after the primary systems of the Rosetta space probe were successfully reactivated in January after 31 months of slumber, the Philae lander is now reporting operational readiness.

Rosetta has been on its way to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for ten years, which it is scheduled to reach in August. In November, the Philae lander is planned to be put in place on the comet. It will be the first landing on a comet in space travel history and will be accordingly precarious: for 'docking', Philae will use harpoons and ice screws to prevent from being bounced back into space.

Researchers hope to gain insights into the evolutionary history of the solar system by analyzing surface samples from the comet. The reason is that comets, in the manner of gigantic freezers, carry matter with them which has essentially remained unchanged for the past 4.6 billion years.

Philae's ground-breaking experiments are also made possible in part through HOERBIGER technology. Together with the Institute for Microsystems and Information Technology of the Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.V. (HSG-IMIT) in Villingen-Schwenningen, HOERBIGER developed the silicon technology based micro valve MegaMic approximately 15 years ago. It forms part of a gas chromatograph in the Philae lander, which is intended to analyze samples from the comet for their elemental, isotopic and chemical composition.

2013-12-06 – HOERBIGER inside: Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

Boasting an estimated 455 horsepower (335 kW) and maximum torque of 460 pound-feet (624 newton meters), the 2014 Corvette Stingray is not only the most powerful Chevrolet production model to date, the new Corvette is also expected to be the most efficient one ever and to yet again undercut the fuel consumption of the existing model.

The distinctive Corvette transaxle drive train featuring a front engine and a transmission installed in front of the rear-axle assures optimal weight balance—and with it, exceptional road handling. It comes optionally as a six-speed automatic transmission or—a first in the automotive industry—as a TREMEC TR-6070 seven-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching.

This technology anticipates the driver’s next gear selection and matches the engine speed accordingly. Together with HOERBIGER friction systems, this feature assures seamless, smooth gear changes.

2013-09-26 – HOERBIGER Webcast

New HOERBIGER Webcast now available on-demand

A new method for assessing Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental soundness of reciprocating compressors sets an example in solution-orientated technology upgrades.

Most operators in the process gas industry are satisfied with their reciprocating compressors – but have to continuously improve their performance to remain competitive. Are reliability and energy efficiency high enough? What about environmental soundness? How should they select the latest technologies to improve performance?

In this webcast, a new method of assessment will be presented to pinpoint target compressors and specific solutions for modernization. Examples of return on investment and benefits of solution-orientated technology upgrades will illustrate this method.

Click here and listen to the webcast of September 19th 2013.

2013-07-16 – Red Dot Award

Red Dot Award for

The new HOERBIGER web presence, launched in September 2012, has been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award. From a total of 6,800 contestants, a jury composed of 24 internationally-recognized experts selected the web site as one of the winning projects in the “Online World” category.

The Red Dot jury made its selection based on six criteria:

  • Originality and emotional quality
  • Target group-oriented approach
  • Design quality (including deliberate elimination of superfluous details)
  • Recognition value and societal relevance
  • Interface and aesthetics
  • Overall appearance

The new HOERBIGER corporate website could score points mainly thanks to the strict implementation of the basic concept. A cutting edge B2B website, it underscores the unique selling propositions of the Group. Strong imagery helps to create service and product worlds that convey a specific idea to the visitor of the benefit and added value provided by HOERBIGER technology, while positioning the people at HOERBIGER as drivers of technological progress.

A highlight of the web technology employed is the targeted output of content based on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Based on the transmitted IP address, the website detects the region from which a page is accessed. The system then automatically supplies the user with content relevant to the user's location. This so-called geo-targeting allows the customer to have a direct dialog with HOERBIGER.

2013-07-12 – HOERBIGER inside: Range Rover

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

The fourth-generation Range Rover is the most powerful, efficient and most luxurious ever: modern chassis and drive train technology, the all-aluminum body, and a relaxed ambiance give the vehicle a high degree of sophistication.

The 8-speed automatic transmission (8HP) made by ZF make both relaxed cruising and spirited driving a pleasure. Smooth gear changes are combined with highly dynamic power and high fuel economy. The steel disks for the fuel-efficient torque converter lock-up clutch of the 8HP are supplied by the HOERBIGER Penzberg site in Germany. The plant has spent many years building its strong fine blanking expertise.

2013-04-30 – HOERBIGER inside: Opel Mokka

Cars featuring HOERBIGER Drive Technology

With the Mokka, Opel is the first German car maker to enter the rapidly growing market of subcompact Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV-B segment). Available with a turbocharged 140 hp gasoline engine or a 130 hp diesel engine, the car comes standard with the manual six-speed M20/32 transmission.

For the in-house production of the transmission, HOERBIGER supplies Opel with complete synchronizer systems, which enhance the transmission's positive properties: excellent shift comfort and high durability, yet great fuel efficiency and low noise.

2013-04-25 – D'BLUE


HOERBIGER cooperates with the large diesel engine specialist L’Orange GmbH. Under the D’BLUE project name, the consortium will operate in the future as a system supplier for injection and control technology for large industrial engines equipped with auto-ignition. The main objective of the cooperation is to become a market leader as a supplier of dual fuel systems. The product portfolios of the two companies complement each other.

Dr. Ralph-Michael Schmidt (left), President CEO L’Orange GmbH with Johann Hipfl, Member of the Executive Board, HOERBIGER Holding AG and CEO of the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology.