Hydropneumatic Roof Drives for Commercial Vehicle Trailers

Loading and unloading – reliable and easier

  • Continuous canopy adjustment
  • Emergency operation using an integrated hand pump
  • Connection to the compressed air supply

Lift drives for the roofs of commercial vehicle trailers are generally operated mechanically, supported by gas springs or operated manually by hydraulics. HOERBIGER has developed a solution for this attractive niche market which offers considerable relief to the driver in many respects compared to the existing solutions.

The hydropneumatic system utilizes the compressed air supply available for the braking systems of commercial vehicles to raise the canopy of the trailer by 400 to 600 mm (15 to 23 inches) within 30 seconds.

The system accomplishes this by converting pneumatic energy into hydraulic energy. The heart of the system is a central hydraulic single-piston axial pump driven by a pneumatic linear motor. If no compressed air is available from the vehicle, hydraulic pressure can alternatively be generated by an integrated hand pump.

The roof drive is continuously adjustable, has a robust design and satisfies the requirements of tough everyday operation. The roof lift drive shipped by HOERBIGER is ready to install. Hydraulic quick-connect couplings enable rapid assembly. Another benefit: thanks to their sleek design, the standardized hydraulic cylinders fit between the stanchions of the trailer.

Technical Data

Pneumatic Inlet Pressure 6 to 11 bar
Hydraulic Operating Pressure up to 280 bar
Hydraulic Delivery Rate 0.3 to 0.5 l/min
Air Consumption max. 40 l
Lifting Time approx. 30 seconds