Positioning of Airplane Seats

Lightweight components with high functionality

  • Low noise generation
  • Fast and precise adjustment
  • Optimal package: powerful, low space requirement, and only 1.1 kg weight per function (7 functions)

Every gram matters in passenger aircraft engineering. Aviation components must be resilient to cover a large number of functions in the smallest of spaces and at minimal weight. A modern passenger aircraft seat best exemplifies these expectations.

The hydraulic aircraft seat positioning systems made by HOERBIGER ensure fast and exact positioning and adjustment of seating area and backrest for first-rate seating comfort, made possible by an intelligent hydraulics solution that guarantees powerful, rapid, quiet, smooth, and precise movements. Aircraft seats equipped with HOERBIGER technology underscore the special feeling of quality and luxury associated with air travel. The selected seat position is reliably maintained throughout the entire flight.

Available functions

  • Back adjustment
  • Leg/foot rest adjustment
  • Head rest adjustment
  • Lift
  • Horizontal displacement (slide)
  • Inclination of the seating area
  • Locking function

Further increase positioning reliability and operating comfort

With the MARLIS sensor, HOERBIGER developed a sensor that always measures the precise position of the particular adjusting cylinder. Practical applications include, for example, locating and visualizing an optimal seat position, specifying a seat adjustment range, or returning to the basic seat position with the simple touch of a button.

Technical data

Features/types LA cylinder LV cylinder
Operating pressure max. 200 bar max. 160 bar
Piston diameter from 13 to 25 mm (stepped) 25, 32, 40 mm
Stroke length from 25 to 300 mm (in 25 mm increments) 100 mm, 200 mm (special lengths: from 35 to 500 mm)