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A sound Basis

The HOERBIGER Foundation is the majority shareholder and controls the Group. The Foundation protects the entrepreneurial heritage and ensures stability and self-reliance as well as a future-oriented growth strategy that is geared toward profitable growth.

The Foundation earmarks the majority of corporate profits for the Group. The HOERBIGER Group can therefore invest almost all the profit it generates in continued growth.

It is the primary objective of the Foundation to preserve independence and to continually develop and expand the company. The Foundation is a sound basis for the Group and is geared towards long-term orientation, sustainability, stability, and continuity.

Dr. Marcus Flubacher (President)

Dr. Gerd Unterburg (Vice President)

Christiana Hörbiger (Vice President)

Dr. Rudolf Huber

Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel

"The HOERBIGER Foundation ensures that the majority of profits is retained in the Group and used for the continuous advancement of the Group in the spirit of profitable growth and a long-term, continuous increase in the company's value."

Dr. Marcus Flubacher
President Board of Trustees
HOERBIGER Foundation