Hydraulic Systems for Press Brakes


Metal Forming with Perfection

  • Compact system design
  • Load-based efficient energy supply
  • System solutions – optimized for specialized applications

Over the last few decades, HOERBIGER has fitted more than 65,000 CNC press brakes with hydraulic systems. As a worldwide market and technology leader and from our collaboration with leading manufacturers, we are aware of the high requirements of the metal forming process in terms of precision, productivity, and safety.

HOERBIGER has perfected the integration of hydraulic components in the system and improved reliability like no other manufacturer. In many of our systems, the pump, pressure filter and pressure adjustment of the performance module are combined in one control block.

Modern control valves enable optimal sequences of motions and exact positioning. By regulating the power input, energy is supplied based on load and used more efficiently.

We offer our customers tailor-made system solutions for nominal forces from 500 to 60,000 kN for specialized applications.

Technical data

Rating 500 to 60,000 kN
Rapid speeds Up to 200 mm/s
Positioning accuracy In the µ range
Synchronization 2 to x axes