Compression Technology

  • "Compression at the next Level."

Keeping an even keel

HOERBIGER is a technology and market leader worldwide for performance-defining components, systems, and services for reciprocating compressors, gas-fueled engines, and turbines. Lower investment related to shale oil and gas as a result of the low price of oil, especially in North America, turned 2016 into a year filled with major challenges for the Compression Technology Strategic Business Unit.

On the one hand, internal adjustments were needed at HOERBIGER in light of the changed market environment. On the other hand, it was important to seize the growth opportunities of the Safety Solutions Business Segment, despite a more difficult environment, and expedite the Segment’s further expansion in the forward-looking safety technology growth market.

At 47.5 percent, almost half of the Business Unit’s sales volume comes from the OEM Division, which supplies components and systems directly to compressor and engine manufacturers, companies engaged in plant engineering, and customers in the refrigeration and automotive industries.

At 52.5 percent, the Service Division is the second strong pillar in the Compression Technology Strategic Business Unit.