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On the Way to the Group

HOERBIGER Group of Companies

Martina Hörbiger passed away in 1989 – and along with her died a take-charge entrepreneur.

The ensuing transition to a management-led company was not an easy time for the Board of Trustees, which Martina Hörbiger had appointed, or for the new management of the group of companies put in place by the Board of Trustees.

The key was to inspire confidence in the very important restructuring phase of the group of companies, which assigned all HOERBIGER entities to the newly formed Strategic Business Units Compression Technology, Automation Technology, and Drive Technology.

In 1997, in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland, HOERBIGER Holding AG became the umbrella holding organization for the Group. The Board of Directors and the Executive Board of HOERBIGER Holding AG became the new management bodies of the Group.