Overload Protection for Hydraulic Mobile Cranes

Ensuring that nothing loses its balance...

  • Leak-free valves
  • Limited hydraulic moment of tilt
  • Overload protection

Moving heavy loads calls for hydraulic gantry, mobile or crawler cranes. These cranes frequently must move loads over great distances. It is therefore imperative to prevent the boom from becoming overloaded by heavy weights or excess leverage because the boom could fall. In the worst case, the crane is at risk of toppling under load.

HOERBIGER has developed a technical solution, using the hydraulic switching principle inside a valve to limit load torque in critical operating situations. The objective is to prevent the vehicle from tipping when the lifting arm is lowered.

A load-dependent valve monitors the pressure in the hydraulic system. If the pressure is too high, the shift levers on the crane operator’s control panel are blocked. This prevents the load from increasing with longer booms or higher weights and thus placing the crane in a critical position.

Technical data

Type poppet valve, pressure-controlled
Operating pressure max. 350 bar
Shut-off pressure between 140 – 350 bar
Ambient temperature -30 to +50 °C
Protection class according to DIN 40050 IP65 with plug