Restraint hydraulic lock for passenger restraint systems

Maximum safety for passenger restraint systems in amusement

  • TÜV-Süd product certification according to the latest standards
  • Self-contained and low-maintenance hydraulic system
  • Infinitely variable positioning and silent bar adjustment

TÜV-Süd Certificate (PDF 108KB Download) *

(*) Not all hydraulic locking systems have the TÜV-Süd product certification. It only affects the following classes (Report No.): 2 749 967 PTU G1; 2,749,967 PTU G2; 2,749,967 PTU G3; 2,749,967 PTU G4; 2,749,967 PTU G5. Please inquire at HOERBIGER whether your requested hydraulic locking system falls into one of these classes and has the associated advantages.

Unconditional fun thanks to maximum safety

Amusement park and fairground rides are popular among young and old alike. Roller coasters must become increasingly attractive to the public—and more often than not they challenge the physical limits of people and materials. Safety is absolutely essential—without compromises.

For decades, leading manufacturers of amusement rides have relied on HOERBIGER hydraulic locks and gained the confidence of numerous amusement park and ride operators.

The proven hydraulic components are implemented in a modular system, guaranteeing customized solutions and fast project engineering. The LE locking system developed by HOERBIGER specifically for amusement rides and mobile structures forms the core of the system, ensuring maximum safety in over-the-shoulder restraints, lap bars and abdominal restraints. A special feature is that maximum safety standards have allowed the product to achieve a “PLr E-ready” performance level status.

Key benefits

TÜV certification

  • Tested standards: ISO 17842-01:2015, DIN EN 13814:2005, ASTM 2291-15
  • Fulfillment of prEN 13814:2016
  • TÜV Süd homologation: Significantly simplified acceptance process

Quality and Reliability

  • Maximum reliability: 35,000 operating hours or 7 years¹
  • Safety without compromises: Only one system, no attachments, low-maintenance, manual emergency operation
  • Highest quality standards: ISO 9001 certified plant, end-of-line and burn-in testings


  • Greater passenger comfort: silent bar adjustement and infinitely variable bar-adjustment
  • Ready-to-use: Simple installation—the system is filled with oil,tested and immediately ready to use.


  • Extensive services: Documentation, accessories and spare parts
  • Replacement systems:
    Because HOERBIGER offers brand new replacement systems, repairs are generally not available. The replacement of complete systems eliminates risks that arise from partial repairs
  • Short-notice exchange: If a substitute unit is needed, new exchange systems can be available in a matter of days, preventing a shutdown of the amusement ride.

¹ according to HOERBIGER‘s specification and associated anticipated stress of 5 million loads.

Diverse adaptation options

We are able to modify a number of additional features for you as part of an application of the design:

  • Retraction forces and pressure configuration
  • Coil
  • Installation length
  • Cylinder stroke
  • Angle of joint head housing, base end

Feel free to contact us!

Technical Data

LE25 (25mm piston diameter)

Blocking direction Safety valve Secondary function: Extension force F2 [N]¹³ Instal­lation length [mm]³ Cylinder Stroke [mm]³ Retention force until (fatigue) [N]²
Ex­tend Yes 210-530 355 80 3700
Re­tract Yes - 355 80 10.500
Re­tract Yes - 393,5 110 10.500
Re­tract Yes - 413,5 140 10.500
Re­tract Yes, opti­mized - 443 80 10.500

LE32 (32mm piston diameter)

Blocking direction Safety valve Secondary function: Extension force F2 [N]¹³ Instal­lation length [mm]³ Cylinder Stroke [mm]³ Retention force until (fatigue) [N]²
Ex­tend Yes 300-840 503 150 6400
Ex­tend Yes + extra non-return valve 300-840 503 150 6400
Ex­tend Yes 300-840 503 150 9100

¹ F2 denotes the maximum extension force. The range of values in the table shows the available scope at room temperature (20oC). The specific value is adapted within certain boundaries to the customer‘s needs by way of the system‘s pressure configuration. Extension forces are speed-dependent. See data sheet for further details.

² Maximum cylinder load during normal operation according to ISO 17842-01:2015. Retention forces are additionally influenced by the pressure setting. The higher the forces of the secondary function, the lower the retention forces. Safety integrity for indicated value: PLr C

³ Adaptations and applications are billed separately.