Raising, Feeding and Holding

Precise handling of pallet changer systems

  • Controlled ramp function for end-of-stroke damping
  • Sleek and space-saving shape
  • Easy to install

Pallet changers allow the precise and rapid changing of metal sheets. They assure the efficiency and utilization of flat-bed laser cutting machines.

HOERBIGER has developed a tailor-made hydraulic system for raising and lowering the metal sheets. The pallets are raised and lowered hydraulically by four cylinders, the speeds of which are synchronized by a compensated and speed-controlled quadruple internal gear pump.

The optimal stroke is achieved by individual regulation of the motor speed. Check valves, combined with a pressure control valve, ensure end of stroke equalization and protection of the pressure level.

Hydraulic interfaces and a reduced total number of components make the system easy to install.

Technical data

Raising / lowering approx. 3 seconds
Motor power 3 kW
Operating pressure 140 bar