Adventure #7

What is your HOERBIGER Adventure?

"Tackling new challenges and learning new things is an everyday occurrence for me."

Helen Ji joined HOERBIGER in 2015 as a plant project engineer for HOERBIGER Drive Technology in China, responsible for planning, installing, modifying and maintaining plant facilities, systems and equipment. Working in a frequently changing environment, her ability to quickly adapt to all kinds of changes from production to processes to people is an essential skill.

Helen has to constantly rise up to the challenge and learn the ropes of new technological fields in her daily work in order to come up with an implementation strategy for new HOERBIGER requirements as well as frequent adoptions of resolutions by the government, which she masters all with excellent preparation and patience.

When we expanded our operations and opened up a new plant in Changzhou, Helen’s ability to coordinate and arbitrate between the involved parties, as well as anticipating changing circumstances correctly was a crucial factor. Helen also planned the whole 2 day event of a grand opening and was additionally asked to be the host of this project and was able to see firsthand the successful execution.

Becoming very fast acquainted with new environments and being fond of turning ideas of coworkers into feasible projects show Helen’s pioneering spirit.

Today Helen Ji took the next step in her development and her role has changed once more. She is now part of a core project team, searching for new businesses – her adventure continues.

"Tackling new challenges and learning new things is an everyday occurrence for me.
What's your adventure?"

Helen Ji
Plant Project Engineer
HOERBIGER Drive Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.