2015-07-31 - HOERBIGER to sell Belgian Turbomachinery Activities

HOERBIGER to sell Turbomachinery Activities in Belgium to Energetic NV

HOERBIGER Group, Zug, Switzerland, today announced that it will transfer it’s turbomachinery service activities in Belgium operated 
by its subsidiary HOERBIGER Turbomachinery Service B.V.B.A. 
to Energetic NV, Stekene, Belgium, effective July 31. 2015.

As part of the strategic realignment of it’s Service activities in 
Western Europe, HOERBIGER has decided that the scope of 
HOERBIGER Turbomachinery Service B.V.B.A. is not aligned with 
the Group´s medium-term core business domains. For this reason, HOERBIGER determined to transfer the activities in Belgium in a management buy out to the current operating managers Johan Tollenaere and Carlo Nobus as the most suitable course of action to assure contined customer support and employment for the workforce.

To faciliate continued business, the transaction is comprised of the transfer of all assets, employees, customer relations and existing customer projects. Moreover, HOERBIGER and Energetic NV have entered in a Sales and Marketing Cooperation in which HOERBIGER provides Sales support for Energetic’s turbomachinery activities in Western Europe.

The turbomachinery business in Belgium has enjoyed a successful development since it was founded in 2011. Energetic NV will focus it's turbomachinery activities on complete service solutions for steam- and gas turbines as well as turbocompressors.

Johan Tollenaere, Chairman of Energetic NV assures: “Our customers will enjoy the continued expert support as in the past”.