2015-06-16 - HOERBIGER at the VDI Congress in Friedrichshafen

HOERBIGER unveils the newest development at the VDI Congress: The „DCT-Type Synchro“ - a synchronizer for automatic transmissions.

HOERBIGER unveils newly-developed synchronizer for automatic transmissions

“DCT-Type Synchro” is the project name of HOERBIGER’s ground-breaking newly developed synchronizer for automatic transmissions. At the VDI Congress in Friedrichshafen, themed “Transmissions in Vehicles”, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of synchronizers is introducing the concept and prototypes of the new development to the professional community.

The DCT-Type synchronizer unites the tried-and-true components of the HOERBIGER ClassicLINE synchronizer, proven a million times successfully in series applications, with the advantages of a claw-type clutch.

The construction design of the DVT-Type Synchro foregoes teeth on the sliding sleeve and clutch disk. In traditional synchronizers, these are used for meshing. On the DCT-Type Synchro, the transmission control engages the sliding sleeve into the clutch gearing.

“Installation space is up to four millimeters smaller, and the transmission manufacturer obtains more than ten percent more space,” stated Dr. Ansgar Damm, Head of Development, regarding customer advantages. “In addition, we anticipate improved NVH behavior: undesirable noises are reduced in the synchronizer during shifting.”

With the development of the DCT-Type synchronizer, HOERBIGER is expanding its role as a leader in automatic transmission technology and innovation. Initial prototypes are already in validation testing. Dr. Ansgar Damm: “The initial results and customer feedback are extremely positive.”

HOERBIGER is a leading independent provider of passenger vehicle synchronizer systems worldwide. The product range not only encompasses key synchronizer components such as friction rings or sliding sleeves, but also offers the customer tailor-made and proven system solutions.

Depending on the application, OEMs and transmission manufacturers can select the appropriate system from different product lines: whether it is the HOERBIGER ClassicLINE or HOERBIGER CompactLINE – HOERBIGER provides the right solution for every requirement.

In the commercial vehicle segment, HOERBIGER optimizes shifting comfort with its pneumatic gearshift support system.

In addition, HOERBIGER offers OEM customers and transmission manufacturers extensive development services, ranging from initial design of the synchronizer, to simulation, to validation of the prototypes on the test bench as well as in the transmission.