The Powerhouse for small Transmissions

  • Compact: maximum synchronizer performance in the smallest space
  • Efficient: decreased weight and drag torque
  • Cost-effective: excellent cost structure thanks to metal forming technology

Revolutionary Design

HOERBIGER CompactLINE synchronizers were developed for manual transmissions and dual-clutch transmissions with up to 200 Nm input torque. They complete the HOERBIGER portfolio with products for the high-volume compact and mid-size vehicle segments.

Compared to standard synchronizers, the outer friction cone of the HOERBIGER CompactLINE provides up to a 20 percent increase in friction torque. In practice, this means best-in-class shifting comfort or the same high level of comfort in a reduced installation space. As a result, the CompactLINE makes an important contribution to reducing space requirements and the overall weight of the transmission.

Efficiency for the modern Drive Train

The CompactLINE offers significant efficiency advantages: by eliminating the solid sliding sleeve, the product is up to 35 percent lighter than conventional synchronizer systems. Active lifting of the synchronizer rings minimizes drag torque and assures increased efficiency of the transmission. At the same time the CompactLINE demonstrates optimum NVH behavior.

HOERBIGER solely employs forming technology to produce the CompactLINE. By eliminating machining procedures almost entirely, large-quantity production costs are significantly reduced. For high-volume manufacturers, this means an excellent cost structure.