Column Trend Line (CTL)

When low height and high cost efficiency are key

  • Up to seven functions offer high functional density in a small space
  • Compact and low installation height
  • Price-performance ratio

At a glance – Lifting column CTL

The most compelling feature of the CTL lift columns is the excellent combination of torsional rigidity and low installation height. Standardized hydraulic components ensure exceptional functional reliability and density of the lift columns. All versions are delivered fully functional and undergo comprehensive testing prior to shipping. As a result, they are ready to use immediately.

  • Ready-to-use: filled with oil, tested and immediately ready to use
  • Leak-free and minimal maintenance
  • Up to seven functions offer high functional density in a small space
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Compact and low installation height
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

Features of HOERBIGER lifting columns

Lifting columns made by HOERBIGER offer a wide performance range for operating tables. They are synonymous with high operating comfort, safe operation, and maximum quality. HOERBIGER lift columns are typically electrically operated, but can also be fitted with a manual emergency actuation function.

Customized solutions - Your distinguishing feature

Our extensive experience with individual needs, combined with the modular base components of our CTL, CCL and CHL lift columns, allow us to quickly and efficiently implement customer-specific requirements. A variety of parameters allow the lift columns to be adapted to the particular customer needs. Customization parameters include:

  • Interfaces
  • Stroke height
  • Pivot angle Trend and Tilt
  • Number of functions

Technical data

Nominal load Trendelenburg: 925 Nm
Stroke height: 350 mm
Installation height: 496 mm
Block height: 449 mm
Patient weight: up to 300 kg (centric)
Design standard: DIN EN 60601-2-46