Performance Story CP Valve and BCD Rings

Product Excellence

For decades, the reputation and high value of the HOERBIGER brand have been based on outstanding products. Success is driven by innovations featuring outstanding unique selling propositions which repeatedly move the state of the art forward.

Examples of late include the HOERBIGER CP valve and the HOERBIGER BCD ring. The CP Valve reduces flow losses in reciprocating compressors, saves energy and maintenance costs, and allows the design of more compact machines. The BCD ring lowers emissions, extends the service life of gaskets, and increases the economic efficiency of reciprocating compressors.

Both the CP valve launched in 2007 and the BCD rings have been extremely successfully applied in the market. A CP valve undergoing practical testing in a PET system in Japan has been running for 18,000 operating hours–without problems or malfunctions. Conventional valves have previously lasted a maximum of 6,000 operating hours.

The first compressor packings equipped with the innovative BCD rings made by HOERBIGER surpassed the magical 8,000 operating hour mark in the field in 2011. The original development goal of achieving durability that is at least twice that of conventional packings was not only achieved, but exceeded.

"The best is the enemy of the good: the term ‘Product Excellence’ pursues this notion, yet encompasses significantly more than translating an innovative idea into new products."

Dr. Gunther Machu
Head of Global Product Management
Compressor Solutions
HOERBIGER Ventilwerke GmbH & Co KG